Bomb Shelter is happy to show drone photos of our outdoor graffiti art gallery located in Wynwood. We are very proud of this addition to the Wynwood street art scene, which is unique. The curated project is about a year in the making and featured both graffiti and street artists from around the globe.

The Bomb Shelter graffiti gallery covers two adjacent buildings and has spread onto the roof. The space is unique, multi level and wraps around the city block. If you are in the Wynwood area and are a graffiti art fan, I recommend you check it out. Located at 30 NW 34 St., Miami.

This outdoor graffiti mural project was created with Loop and Kobra spray paints provided by Bomb Shelter. And is one of the largest outdoor graffiti art galleries in Wynwood. After you take a tour of our curated outdoor gallery, stop in our shop to check out our street art books and gifts.

Bomb Shelter also has comfortable and stylish street art apparel for purchase online. Our branded clothing is made with good quality American Apparel products.

If you are interested in a curated graffiti mural project for your home or business, get in touch.

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The Bomb Shelter is a graffiti art supply store and art gallery in Wynwood. Located at 30 NW 34 St. Suite 107, Miami FL.

Bomb Shelter Miami Graffiti Wall

arial veiw of bomb shelters miami graffiti gallery


Do you need an eye-catching-one-of-a-kind mural for your home office or business? Bomb Shelter can help. We have experience in painting murals for restaurants, corporate offices, resorts and hotels.


residential mural at Miami penthouse
bomb shelter mural by artists phybr and mira
miami vice graffiti mural by muck rock
graffiti artist muck rock painting a scooter
two women holding bom shelter bags
man sitting on a white canvas bomb shelter bean bag