The Bomb Shelter is excited to receive hand painted ‘Tiki Boards’ from Miami graffiti artist Wil Rivera. We are proud to have this colorful, bold paintings our store. The works are made with acrylic paint on wood and have a glossy lacquer finish. These works would made a great addition to your home.

Wil Rivera is a local graffiti artist, whose work can be seen on walls throughout Wynwood. His use of bright colors and crisp shading make his street art murals stick out.

Wil’s ‘Tiki Boards’ are hand painted and each board is a one-of-a-kind piece and stand around 5 ft tall. They resemble the art work of Santa Cruz Skateboards of the 1980’s. Particularly Santa Cruz Skateboard artist Jim Phillips.

Check out these unique large street art pieces this Saturday November 9. At the Wil Rivia + Awoke Exhibition. 7pm to 11pm.

For inquiries contact us at 786.332.2759 or droz@bombsheltermiami.com

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The Bomb Shelter is a graffiti art supply store and art gallery in Wynwood. Located at 30 NW 34 St, Suite 107, Miami FL.

Tiki Boards by Artist Wil Rivera

hand painted surboards

Tiki Boards by Artist Wil Rivera

artist wil rivera holding his tiki surboards


street art murals painted on the wynwood boutique
a crowded roon of people looking at the art work
artists posing in front of thier painting