If you are a street street art fan and are in the Wynwood area, take the Bomb Shelter outdoor gallery tour. Our street art gallery wraps two buildings at our location and features artists from around the globe. The impressive large-scale curated project is a year in the making and keeps expanding.

For $15 USD you can take a 30 minute walking tour of out street art gallery and learn about all of the artists who have murals on our walls. Get a personal tour from the Bomb Shelter guides who are also street artists and are very knowledgeable.

Several of the murals on our walls include graffiti legends Tackz, Muck Rock, and Atomik.  We also feature international street artists from Colombia and Spain. There are over 20 artists who have made their mark at Bomb Shelter.

Take photos in front of large-scale murals from top level artists from all over. Most of the graffiti murals at Bomb Shelter are around 25 feet tall.

After taking the tour, relax in our shop and read books, magazines and talk about street art. Also, check out our street art books, prints and hand painted items in our graffiti gift shop.

Bomb Shelter is located one block from the mid-town mall which has dozens of outdoor bars, restaurants and retail shops.

If you are in the area and are a graffiti art fan, I recommend you check it out. Located at 30 NW 34 St., Miami.

If you are interested in booking a tour, get in touch.

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Bomb Shelters Wynwood Street Art Gallery

Bomb Shelters Wynwood Street Art Gallery


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miami graffiti mural by the block boys crew