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Kobra NY Skinny and NY Fat Caps Now Available at Bomb Shelter

Bomb Shelter’s graffiti art supplies store offers a variety of Kobra NY Skinny and NY Fat caps for your spray paints. These caps have a controlled output and modulate spray rate, giving you maximum control when you are painting your next canvas or wall.

Our selection of Kobra spray paint caps are designed for a variety purposes. Whether you want graffiti caps for huge areas or details, Bomb Shelter has the cap for you.

We carry Yellow Fat Caps which, work on all female valve cans and produce a very thick line. This cap is ideal for fast fills. Bomb Shelter also carries Kobra Grey Banana Caps that work on almost any type of spray paint and produce a thin to medium size line. This cap is perfect for outlines. We have a variety of other Kobra Caps to choose from.

Next time your in Wynwood, stop by to check out our our graffiti art supplies store.

Kobra Spray Paint Caps

Huge Areas:

  • Yellow Fat
  • Pink Fat
  • White Fat


  • Skinny Grey
  • Skinny White
  • Red Cap

Call us for a free delivery to anywhere in Wynwood for a purchase for over $50.

Kobra NY Skinny and NY Fat Caps

Calligraphy Caps

colligraphy spray paint caps