Bomb Shelter is happy to show off a new curated residential graffiti mural project in downtown Miami. We selected local Miami artist Mateus Art for the job who created a colorful space scene with a floating astronaut. The neon orange and yellow paint on the mural compliments the beautiful Miami sunset every day at this private space.

Born in 1995 in Cali, Colombia, Mayra Mateus, known professionally as Mateus Art, is a pop artist based in Miami. She discovered her artistic calling in 2016 while working as a cashier at a local pizzeria. She designed the restaurant’s menus and, in doing so, spawned her artistic spirit.

As she grew in her self-peace, so did her art. In 2017, she resonated with the street art in the vibrant Wynwood area of Miami. The colors, shapes, and stories were alluring to Mateus. It was at that time she found her her calling.

If you are interested in a curated graffiti mural project for your home or business, get in touch.

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The Bomb Shelter is a graffiti art supply store and art gallery in Wynwood. Located at 30 NW 34 St. Suite 107, Miami FL.

Miami Graffiti Artist Mateus

Miami graffiti artist matues in front of her mural


a couple posing in front of the work of Miami graffiti artist emerge
miami graffiti artist Mateus in front of her mural
graffiti art workshop
Miami graffiti artist emerge drawing stickers
miami graffiti artist Mateus in front of her mural