Bomb Shelter is proud to aunnounce our new graffiti mural by artist ChyTea aka Mitrooper on back side of our graffiti wall. The vibrant, bold and clean mural depicts the classic cartoon character Pink Panther as a Start Wars Storm Trooper. Located at 30 NW 34 St., Miami.

The graffiti mural project was curated and sponsored by Bomb Shelter and makes a great addition to our outdoor Wynwood street art gallery. Kobra and Loop spray paint was donated to ChyTea for the project.

ChyTea was born in 1974 in Hartford Connecticut and currently lives and works in Miami. If you walk around the Wynwood area, you will be smacked in the face by a Mitrooper graffiti mural on a wall or building.

The Mitrooper represents the fighting spirit in people who have been a “trooper” at one point. It is a reminder that we all have to be strong at one point and have courage in times of hopelessness and weakness.

Next time you are in the Wynwood area, stop by to see out outdoor street art gallery. Our building complex features large-scale graffiti and street art murals from over 40 artists from all over the globe.

To read more about ChyTea and see his other works, visit his website.

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The Bomb Shelter is a graffiti art supply store and art gallery in Wynwood. Located at 30 NW 34 St. Suite 107, Miami FL.

Graffiti Mural By Mitrooper

artist mitrooper in front of the blue panther mural

Graffiti Mural By Mitrooper

artist mitrooper in front of the blue panther mural


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