Limited Edition Artist Illustrated Miami Graffiti Map

Bomb Shelter is happy to announce we have Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide maps in our gift shop. Curated and designed by artist Ryan the Wheelbarrow, the map features a list of graffiti and street art murals in Miami. The maps are ever changing, and stay up to date with what is current.

Each map is a limited edition, illustrated and designed by by a different artist in collaboration with Ryan the Wheelbarrow. The minimal design and graffiti artist illustrations make the map a  piece of art itself, and it looks great framed on your wall. A great gift for the street art fan.

Ryan the Wheelbarrow also organizes a free street art tour every Sunday afternoon in Wynwood. Get an artists insight on the graffiti walls in Wynwood while cruising on your bike.

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Miami’s Best Graffiti Art Map

miami graffiti art map

Miami’s Best Graffiti Art Map

graffiti artwork


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miami vice graffiti mural by muck rock
graffiti artist muck rock painting a scooter
two women holding bom shelter bags