Bomb Shelter is happy to introduce Miami graffiti artist and hip-hop MC, Serum. Serum is one of our favorite artists who has a unique style and attitude. Serum has exhibited and live painted at Bomb Shelter and is a part of our family. He  also painted several murals at the Wynwood Boutique during our street art event during Art Basel 2019.

Serums work is bright, bold and is reminiscent of retro cartoons. His paintings are influenced by hip-hop and his Miami-Dade urban roots. They are filled with Egyptian mystical symbolism. Serum is not only a top level graffiti artist, he is a rapper and MC. He writes and produces music and has toured with hip-hop legend KRS1.

Serum is a resident artist and MC at Bomb Shelters ROC FEST Art walk edition events. Which feature live painting, underground hip-hop, break dancing and local live MC’s. Serum paints live with Loop and Kobra spray paint provided by Bomb Shelter. Bomb Shelter is dedicated to contributing to the Wynwood street art community.

If you are interested in Serum’s work, get in touch.

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Miami Artist Serum

graffiti artist serum live painting

Miami Artist Serum

graffiti artist serums painting


kobra graffiti mops in a bomb shelter mug
a pile of yellow fat caps
hand painted toys by graffiti artist king redd