Bomb Shelter was honored to host a live painting event in collaboration with ROC FEST, March, 14 2020. The event featured the female Miami graffiti artists Miss Lushy and Mars painting on a 8′ x 8′ wood panel in the courtyard.

The large piece pops with bright Miami neon colors and is 305 style. The graffiti collaboration between the two artists features a female Anime character riding a guitar with bright shiny bubble text. The project was created with Loop and Kobra spray paints provided by Bomb Shelter.

Miss Lushy blends the bright colors with her passion for music. Lushy works her color infused technique into her paintings, illustrations and digital work. Miss Lushy is making a name for herself in the Miami graffiti art scene.

Mars is a bad ass who is just lovely. She spray paints bright cartoon characters that grab the viewers attention from a distance. Her influence of Anime and pop culture are evident in her work. She also scales fences and bombs train cars.

The large 8′ x 8′ wood panel urban graffiti mural is easy to disassemble and can be placed and moved to any home. A street art mural is a great addition to your living room and makes a great conversation piece.

If you are interested in a curated graffiti mural project for your home or business, get in touch.

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Miami Graffiti Artists Miss Lushy and Mars

Miami Graffiti Artists Miss Lushy and Mars


kobra graffiti mops in a bomb shelter mug
a pile of yellow fat caps
hand painted toys by graffiti artist king redd