Bomb Shelter Offers a Large Variety of Kobra and Loop Spray Paints

Bomb Shelter’s graffiti art supplies store offers a large variety of high-end spray paint for graffiti artists.

We are happy to announce that we currently have a full stock of Kobra and Loop spray paint, in a full spectrum of color, including low and high pressure, gloss and matte. Check out our broad selection of colors and brands next time you’re in Wynwood.

Call us for a free delivery to anywhere in Wynwood for a purchase for over $50.

Bomb Shelter Miami is a graffiti art supplies store and gallery in Wynwood. Located at 30 NW 34 St, Suite 107, Miami FL.

Loop and Kobra Spray Paint

a can of kobra and loop spray paint cans on a shelf


miami penthouse graffiti mural
skpae and Diaz graffiti mural in progress
residential mural at Miami penthouse
bomb shelter mural by artists phybr and mira
miami vice graffiti mural by muck rock
graffiti artist muck rock painting a scooter