Beautifully Guilty Gourmet Comfort Food With a Twist

Voted Best Wings & Pulled Pork.

Bomb Shelter is proud to provide delicious food from our favorite Miami food truck, Beautifully Guilty Gourmet at our art exhibitions and events. Their food is a mouth watering twist to the traditional “catina,” and the diverse menu rarely repeats itself in the same month. Beautifully Guilty Gourmet’s food is fresh, local and is at a budget friendly price.

Beautifully Guilty Gourmet (“BGG”) is the brain child of Erwin and Christina Pons, who both have a passion for cooking and baking. Their love for what they do is evident when you take your first bite of their food. Whether you try their award winning chicken wings, mouth watering pulled pork sandwich, or the Dominican Chimi Burger you will be happily amazed.

Other than providing delicious food from their food truck, Beautifully Guilty Gourmet also provides catering and private chef service.

Check out their to see website and Instagram to find them on the street. Also look for their truck at our next art exhibition or event.

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Beautifully Guilty Gourmet

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Beautifully Guilty Gourmet Food Truck and Catering Service

photo of gourmet food on a table

Beautifully Guilty Gourmet Food Truck and Catering Service

photo of a plate of pulled pork sadwiches


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