Bomb Shelter is honored to temporarily host a powerful graffiti art piece by Miami artist Vic The Viper. The project was painted in our outdoor gallery on June 10, 2020 in Wynwood. If you are in the area and are a graffiti art fan, I recommend you check it out in person before it is gone. Located at 30 NW 34 St., Miami.

Vick is a young and up and coming local artist who wanted to use his talents to make a statement about the current protests that are going on across the country. He painted an iconic photo of a young girl, who held a sign that said, “I Matter.” Making a statement on injustice and how the children are our future. His influences range from break dancing, music and fine art and graffiti masters.

This beautiful graffiti art piece is located on the back side of the Bomb Shelter complex. The mural is a bold portrait that is strong and impactful. You can’t help feel the emotion when seeing it. Vick’s clean graffiti blending style mixed with his use of color makes this paintings unique.

Check out the photos from Vick’s graffiti art project in the photo gallery below. The project was created with Loop and Kobra spray paints provided by Bomb Shelter.

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Graffiti Mural By Vick The Viper

Graffiti Mural By Vick The Viper

graffiti artist vick the viper in front of his mural


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