Street Art by CP1 & MIRA at Bomb Shelter

The Bomb Shelter is honored to have the street art works by artists CP1 and MIRA on our exterior. The ‘All Seeing Eye’  is prevalent when you enter the courtyard of our graffiti supply shop and gallery.

CP1’s mural of a massive eye, looks at you from inside our space and towers over the viewer. The mural was created with Kobra spray paint donated by Bomb Shelter. It is a great addition to the Wynwood street art scene.

Looking back at CP1’s ‘mural is ‘The Eye of Truth’ by artist MIRA painted on the inside of our store front window. MIRA’s piece is intended to remind people to live their lives in alignment. Check out her hand painted ‘Truth Purses’ on display at Bomb Shelter.

Next time you are in the Wynwood area, stop by to see these two beautiful street art works for yourself. The two eyes have a stare down with each other everyday.

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The Bomb Shelter is a graffiti art supply store and art gallery in Wynwood. 30 NW 34 St, Suite 107, Miami FL.

Mural by Street Artist CP1

courtyard graffiti mural by miami artist cp1

‘Eye of Truth’ by Artist Mira

truth eye by artist mira on the bomb shelter window


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miami graffiti artist freaky kiss painting a mural
a couple posing in front of the work of Miami graffiti artist emerge
miami graffiti artist Mateus in front of her mural